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One day in Krasnoyarsk and its outskirts

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This tour takes you to the most picturesque places of Krasnoyarsk city and its outskirts. Most of the places you are going to visit can be found on 10-ruble banknote which is slowly substituted by a 10 ruble coin. One of the city highlights is the Chaple of Paraskeva Pyatnitsa located on the top of Karaulnaya hill.
 You will have a chance to walk along the embankment of the Yenisey river to see the view of the Communal  and Oktyabrsk bridges These impressive structures link two banks of the powerful river which does not freeze in the winter even whe the temperature drops to -40 C. It happens so because of the fast current from the  Krasnoyarsk Hydroelectric Dam located  40 km upstream.

This tour also includes  a stop at this dam ( visits are not allowed there). The Krasniyarsk Hydro Electric Power Station is an impressive concrete wall which produces electric enery, about 70% of which is cunsumed the the second  world largest Aluminum Plant. The most impressive part  of the dam is a ship elevator which is like a giant bath taking the barges up to the top and down the Yenisey. At times you can be a witness of this operation. Not far from the dam there is a small Soviet own Divnogorsk which impresses with its picturesque embankment. Constructed for the workers of the dam, it is considered one of the most enviromently friendly in this area.

On the way back to the city  you will have a stop at the observation platform known as Tsar Ruba.
One of the final stops will be the visit of traditional Siberian village, Ovsyanka, motherland of a prominent Siberian writer Victor Astafiev. Walking through the village  you can visit the memorial  museum " The last bow" named after the writer's novel. This museum illustrates the hardships of life  Siberian peasants at the begginning of the 20th century. Next to this museum, you might find a small house where the writer spent his last years of life.

Tour duration: 7-8 hours
Included: transportatoon, English-sepaking guide service
Excluded: lunch


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