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One day trip to Teriberka

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Teriberka is a wonderful village on the Kola Peninsula near the Barents Sea boasting breathtaking landscapes, enchanting singing of the waves, and amazing wildlife filled with enigmas.

It used to be a closed village. Now we have a chance to come and enjoy the nature and local sights.

The village of Teriberka in the Murmansk Region is mentioned among top-20 popular tourist destinations according to the National Geographic Magazine.

Tour Itinerary:

  • Departure from Murmansk, transfer to Teriberka.
  • Tour to the artillery battery of the World War II. The battery was used from the 1930s to the 50s to protect the coast and ships, and fishermen who went for coastal fishing.
  • XX century ship cemetery.
  • Explore Teriberka Waterfall from the Small Battery Lake. The waterfall is located between the rocks, but you can go down the left side to the place where it flows into the sea. It is that very favorite place for tourists to swim.
  • Return to Murmansk

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