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Park of sculptures

This park is famous as a graveyard of Soviet era statues. It also contains some modern sculptures.
The emblem of the USSR, Lenin's sculpture
The emblem of the USSR, Lenin's sculpture

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, several statues were damaged in the ensuing chaos, including a giant statue of Felix Dzerzhinsky that was toppled over. It was felt that Moscow had too many Soviet monuments, and the people no longer wanted them. The Russian government decided to relocate the statue of Dzerzhinsky, many of the statues devoted to Lenin and Stalin, as well as several other controversial artworks to a small park behind the Central House of Artists. These sculptures - many created by world famous artists - lay in disrepair for years. This graveyard of monuments was an impressive symbol of the ruined Empire.
Today the park is a nice open-air museum of these Soviet and modern sculptures. The Muzeon's collection has grown to include 600 statues of varying themes and styles. It's also a beautiful landscape garden; a great place to spend a sunny day.
It's possible to visit Muzeon during a city tour with your Moscow tour guide.
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