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Royal Aurora Hunt

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We offer you a royal hunt for one of the most beautiful natural phenomena seen only in a few places in the world!

The Northern Lights are undoubtedly included in the bucket list of a person. However, nature is unpredictable, therefore hunting is an option.

Aurora Borealis can be seen in winter – nights this time of the year are much darker, and a wonderful glow becomes more noticeable. The most impressive Aurora Borealis occurs during periods of highest solar activity. It is best to go out of town on a frosty, clear night between October and January. The sky should be clear. Otherwise, the clouds will hide all the beauty.
Since ancient times, the Northern Lights have attracted people with its mysterious glowing, encouraging many legends to be made up. In the east there is a belief that the person who has seen the Northern Lights will live happily ever after for the rest of their life.

The Saami people have been living under Nothern Lights since ancient times, and they believed the sparkles we observe in the sky flew up after a fox swished its tail. In the Finnish language they call the phenomenon "revontulet", which means "foxes' lights".

Currently, we are well aware of the nature of the Aurora Borealis and even learnt to predict its appearance. Aurora Borealis is the effect of the collision of the solar wind with the magnetic field of the earth. If the solar wind is strong enough, then we can observe the result in our visual spectrum.

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