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Snowmobile Tour in Moscow Region

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Get a lot of unforgettable impressions riding snowmobiles across snow-covered fields and through snowy forests near Serpukhov. Treat your family to the scenic adventure, and admire the winter nature.

Snowmobile Tour in Moscow Region
Snowmobile Tour in Moscow Region
Does the fact that you have never driven a snowmobile stop you? Don't worry! This tour is a great introduction to snowmobiling, making it perfect for first-timers.

The tour duration: 1-3-hour ride (choose the tour of your choice)
+ 1 hour extra (snowmobile instructions, choosing the equipment, tea, and snack time) + transfer from Moscow time (around 1,5 hour one way).
Winter forest
Winter forest

Snowmobile Tour in Moscow Region
Snowmobile Tour in Moscow Region

1-3 hour snowmobile rental (discuss the tour duration with your manager).
fuel, a full set of equipment (overalls, helmet, boots), a local guide to assist you, an English-speaking interpreter from our team, tea with cookies, transportation from Moscow.
Kids: We tried this activity with our 8 +- year-old kids and they enjoyed it.
Kids should be okay with staying outside for 3 hours. We provide you with warm clothes as there is no bad weather but bad clothing :)

Optional Tour Extension

The snowmobile center is just a 5-minute drive from the Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve. They call it the island of wilderness in the most densely populated region of Russia.

It is a wonderful place to see European and American bison and dappled deer in their natural habitat and learn curious facts about them. The tour lasts 1,5 hours. During the tour, you’ll walk 2,2 km, enjoy the wild nature of the park, and climb five-meter-high platforms to look at the animals from above.

Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve
Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve


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