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Solovki. Russian North

Solovetsky islands strike with gorgeous Northern nature and horrifying history of GULAG. Surrounded by the White Sea they are hard  to access due to rather changing weather conditions.Navigation is mainly available regularly from June to August. The best way to get there will be to take a night train from St. Petersburg to Kem, a short ride by taxi and a boat  to the main island.

Consider this trip if:

  • you are looking for beyond the ordinary destination
  • would like to see Northern Russia nature
  • you love photography, this place offers myriad of photo opportunities
  • reveal the secrets of stone labyrinthes dating to the times of Stonehenge
  • learn more about the horrifying history of GULAG
Weekend trip to Solovki

Weekend trip to Solovki

This trip might be done on weekdays as well from June to September and assumes the night train from and to St. Petersburg. It is also possible to take the train from Moscow but it takes longer and less more

Extended trip to Solovki 3 days/2nights

Extended trip to Solovki 3 days/2nights

THis trip can start on any day of the week and can be extended and customized depending on your preferences. It is available from June through August. Tour cost: 30100 Rub pp in a group of 6/ 35500 Rub pp in a group of 4read more

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