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St Petersburg family walk

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Did you know that cats in St. Petersburg have passports and work in the Hermitage? Why is Russia so proud of Alexander Pushkin? And what talents did Peter the Great possess? Come with your kids to this tour of St. Petersburg to find answers to these and many other curious questions!

Tour info:

Tour duration: 3-4 hours
Transportation: Walking
Tour available: Daily

Vasilisa cat monument
Vasilisa cat monument

  • You will start the tour at the Eliseevsky store on Malaya Sadovaya Street, where your kids will be able to find monuments to cats Elisha and Vasilisa and find out why cats in St. Petersburg have a special attitude.
  • Then, we will walk along Nevsky Prospekt, the main street of the city, and try to imagine how it looked before. Just think, Petersburgers used to dry laundry on birch trees here! You will see an old fire tower and learn how it saves the city from fires.
  • On our way, you will meet a monument to Alexander Pushkin. What do you and your children know about the great writer and poet?
  • Next, we will see a real castle and hear its incredible frightening secret! By the way, what is the difference between a castle and a palace? Let’s find it out on our tour!

    Peter the Great monument
    Peter the Great monument
  • You will also stop in front of the monument to Peter the Great, the most important person in the history of St. Petersburg. Let's remember why Peter is called the Great and learn more about his numerous talents.
  • Did you hear something about the smallest monument of the city - Chizhik-Pyzhik, an 11-centimeter statue of a siskin?  Why did the Petersburg folk-song “Chizhik Pyzhik, where've you been? On Fontanka, drinking vodka” appear? Let's try to throw a coin on this little sculpture and make a wish!
  • You will admire the beautiful Church of the Savior on Blood and learn the secret of its name. And then we will go to the most important square of the city, the Palace Square, where the kids will see the Winter Palace. Who of the Russian emperors lived here? What were they doing? Did you know that the Hermitage and the Winter Palace are not the same thing? And do you know about the terrible fire in the Winter Palace? Oh, you will also hear a fascinating story about how cats appeared in the Hermitage, how they work and when they retire!
  • And at the end of the tour, you will go to the Neva embankment and find the view depicted on the 50-ruble Russian bill. Interested?! Then we are looking forward to your family on our tour of St. Petersburg!

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