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Tour to Peterhof

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Tour info

Tour duration:  5 hours
Transportation:  driving or hydrofoil (in  summer)
Tour covers:  Guided tour of the Peterhof Palace, Upper and Lower Gardens 
Tour available: Daily, but guided tour of the Grand Peterhof Palace is not available on Monday, this day we can offer a tour of two small palaces instead. Fountains work from May to October.

Peterhof is one of the greatest Imperial ensembles outside St Petersburg and is definitely “a must see” for any first time visitor of St Petersburg. The palace ensemble is often referred as the "Russian Versailles" but actually it has surpassed Versailles in many respects: it is a real “kingdom of fountains” with four cascades, a variety of unique and "trick" fountains, Grand Peterhof Palace, and 5 other small palaces.

The best time to take a tour to Peterhof is summer since the famous Peterhof fountains operate May through September only. 

Tour program:

Meeting with a guide in the hotel lobby
Driving to Peterhoff *
The tour of the Grand Palace (shining Elisabeth’s Baroque, elegant Catherine’s Classicism and exotic oriental style)
The tour of the Upper and Lower gardens of Peterhoff. You’ll enjoy a picturesque walk through the gardens with three unique cascades and dozens of powerful water jets and admire Grand Cascade, with its staircases, waterfalls, an avenue of 64 fountains and 37 gilded statues. During the tour will walk past  elegant royal pavilions.
 Driving back to the hotel

*You can get to Peterhoff by car or by hydrofoil.  It’s a little easier by car but faster by boat. Please get in touch with us to discuss a more convenient option. 

Optional tour extension

You might spend more time in Peterhof and visit some of its small palaces such as
Monplaisir Peter the Great's original palace is a charming baroque mansion on the shore of the Gulf of Finland.
Marly Another private palace that dates back to the times of Peter I.
Peterhof Hermitage Russia's original Hermitage was only completed after Peter's death, the pavillion is famous for its unique chairlift
The Barth House Little pavilion  where a Russian bath and a dining hall were designed for the Russian Tsars
The Cottage A private Palace of Tsar Nicholas I and his family which is situated in Alexandria park.

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