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New Year in the Communal Apartment


The history of the Soviet period, its secrets and riddles through the prism of everyday life of the inhabitants of the famous "Cultural Triangle" of Moscow.

Communal apartment is an important attribute of communist era. In the huge, crooked and closed to the outside world Moscow communal apartments, Soviet people lived and followed their internal laws. Here they, like everyone else, loved and suffered, dreamed about the future, made plans and, of course, celebrated Soviet holidays, among which New Year was a special one.
We invite you to spend a couple of hours in a communal apartment  in Old Arbat area and immerse yourself in the New Year atmosphere of the 60-70s of the last century. The tour includes a half an hour walk around Arbat Square, a visit to a communal apartment showing historical artifacts,  tasting of a typical Soviet New Year's menu.  You will be offered Russian vodka and “Soviet champagne” as well as typical Soviet dishes which could be found on New Year table in Soviet days. You will learn the recipes and hear a lot of stories about festive traditions.   We will have the first New Year's toast to the speech of Leonid Brezhnev as tradition goes and take some pictures at the Christmas tree decorated with authentic Soviet-era toys.
Tour duration: 2 -2,5 hours
Tour cost: 3900 Rub per person
Maximum number of people: 8
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