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Tolstoy’s House & Khamovniki walk


Do you know that there is a small corner of rural charm in the center of Moscow? That place is Tolstoy’s House Museum in Khamovniki where we invite you for the tour.
The wooden house, with plot of land and outbuildings, tells us a story about Tolstoy's family life in Moscow.

You will see the world of the writer through the portraits and personal belongings. There is a feeling that Tolstoy has just left the house. Shelves holding the 22,000 books he owned, in the 15 languages he spoke (including Arabic and Hebrew), help explain his vast knowledge of the world's religions and cultures. Cabinets of letters from Russian tsars or Mahatma Gandhi (with whom he corresponded about non-violent protest) provide an insight into his spiritual and political journey in his later works. The bycicle he leart to ride at the age of 67 as well as weights he lifted to be in a good physical shape. You can even hear his voice recorded in early 20th century.

During our tour we'll have a walking tour of the area. Why Tolstoy didn’t like the city center and was much happier living in Moscow suburbs? What church did he come to pray? What factories surrounded his house and where is the birthplace of Russian perfume production? What is the road of life and what Maiden Field was famous for in the past? Join our tour and learn more.

Tour duration: 2 hours
Tour cost: 1600 rub
Meeting time: 11.00 am

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