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Wonders of the Elk Island


Did you know how fast a moose can run and swim? What does wild boars’ family life look like? What is the favorite food of a deer? Join our Wonders of Elk Island tour and learn more incredible facts about animals living in the Elk Island.
Moscow is known as a very green city, it’s also famous for its Losiny Ostrov (Elk island) National Park located within the city limits. Losiny Ostrov is the first National park in Russia and also one of a few locations in Moscow where one can see wild animals in their natural environment, including the moose. In total there are 44 species of mammals and 170 bird species, 9 amphibian species, 5 reptile species and 19 fish species.
At the beginning of the program, you will have a short lecture about the inhabitants of the Elk Island where you will be shown photographs and drawings with traces of animals and birds living in the national park. Afterwards, you will go on White Route excursion to the forest, where you can find footprints of  elks, foxes, hares and possibly even see some elks in wild nature.
A walk is followed by a tea break.

After a short drive you'll get to elk island bio station where we’ll be able to see elks and even pet and feed them. We’ll also have a chance to see a herd of deer coming to eat vegetables brought by the bio station staff. In summer time they can find plenty of food in the forest so it’ll be impossible to see them coming so closely. We’ll also be able to see wild boars and learn about their habits. Elks and wild boars would be dangerous animals in the wild nature but the ones living in the park are very used to human beings and very friendly.
We would recommend that you bring some carrots and apples to make an elk and boars happy. The station staff will provide you with some food to feed but it’s always nice to offer the animals something extra!

Tour itinerary

10.00 Meeting with the guide and the driver
Driving to the Elk Island by minubus
10:30 White route excursion
12:30 Tea break
13:00 The tour of the Elk Biostation
14.30 Driving back to Moscow by minibus

Tour duration: 4-5 hours
Tour cost: 3800 rub (per adult), 3600 rub (per child)
Meeting time: 10 am
Meeting place: TBA

Please be aware that you need to sign up for the tour in advance
The video is made by Dustin Taylor.

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