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Winter Fairytale in Kostroma woods

Take a train or drive 200 km from Kostroma to enjoy the charm of winter wonderland, spend a couple of nights in a stunning wooden Terem and learn its enigmatic story of the loss and revival. Built in 1897 by wealthy peasant as a " datcha" Astashovo Terem went through all ups and downs of 20th century history. It was nationalized and turned  into a post-office, a library, a local club, then forgotten for 30 years and devoured by forest. Finally  this wooden gem  was discovered, carefully restored and turned into hotel in 2018 to meet its guests.

Astashovo terem-hotel
Astashovo terem-hotel
Preliminary itinerary:
Take a night train from Moscow to Galich (train at 23.05 or 0.35)
Day 1
Arrival at Galich at 7.19 or 09.45
Upon arrival you will be greeted by the guide and a driver.
Transfer to Astashovo Terem (1,5h)
Breakfast with fresh organic food is served
Tour of Terem with intriguing stories about its owners of the past and the present.
Lunch at Terem
Free time to enjoy the scenery or do some optional activities
1.Banya experience.
2.Cross-country skiing in the woods ( Boots and skis are provided on spot)
3.Master-class How to heat Russian Oven? You will learn about all the “ bells and whistles” of heating system in Russian wooden houses.
Dinner in the hotel
Pogorelov terem
Pogorelov terem
Day 2
Breakfast in the hotel
Driving and walking tour of Pogorelov Terem, another beautiful example of wooden architecture of early 20th century. This terem has not been restored but preserved its authentic charm which strikes imagination how wealthy peasants lived back in times.
To make your trip more memorable you can a snowmobile tour to Pogorelov terem or have a combination of driving and skiing to this Terem
Lunch in Astashov terem
free time
Transfer to Galich to take a train at 19.38 which arrives at 04.56 the next day (Alternatively train at 01.33, arriving in Moscow at 11.13 )

Tour extensions:
1. You can transfer to Kostroma ( 3 h) and stay there overnight to spend a full day in Kostroma to have some fun activities ( Husky farm to enjoy a ride,elk's farm to learn about these beautiful animals) or a sightseeing tour (Ipatyev monastery- shelter where the the first tsar of the Romanov dynasty found its shelter during the Polish invasion, museum of wooden architecture etc)
2. You can stay overnight in Kostroma to have a sightseeing tour and then transfer to Yaroslavl ( 1,5 h) to have a tour there and take a fast evening train to Moscow.
3. You might take a comfy night train from Galich to St. Petersburg to continue exploring the northern capital.

Tour cost:
30130 rub per person in a party of 4
42450 rub per person in a party of 2

train tickets, accommodation, meals according to the program, English-speaking guide, transfers, excursions

Not included:
optional tour activities

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