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Zhostovo trays

The motherland of beautiful metal trays painted with mixed garden and wild flowers (known in Russia as “zhostovskie podnosy”) is a small village Zhostovo.  Here in the first part of the XIXth century people inspired by the works of their countrymen from the Urals began to develop their own craft. Nowadays Zhostovo trays still produced in Mytishchi Area are considered a great present that keeps the warmth of craftsmen hands a peace of mysterious Russian soul.

Zhostovo trays
Zhostovo trays

The main motive of Zhostovo painting is a bunch of garden and wild flowers. To make a tray in Zhostovo stile craftsmen first cover it with a few layers of special priming and black oil varnish. Then they use oil paints to make a unique floral composition and ornate the edges of the tray with so called “uborka” - a special golden pattern. Finally the item is covered with several layers of lacquer and carefully polished.

During the Soviet times the craftsmen of Zhostovo had to defend the original trays against the influence of realism traditions. In different periods Zhostovo trays won numerous contests and were highly estimated both in Russia and abroad. Thanks to the talented craftsmen from the household items these handmade things managed to become a real pieces of art. If you want to buy such sort of souvenir during your trip to Russia, Moscow tour guide will be pleased to help you and answer all your questions. 
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