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"Bridge to Moscow" is involved in several charity projects. Travelling with us you can help Russia's biggest pediatric BurnsCenter at Speransky Children's Hospital, Moscow. We donate a portion of our profit to the Children's Hospital Fund that supports the burn victims, provides psycho-social rehabilitation, purchases required medical equipment and materials.

The director of the foundation, Mikhail Kazbekov is one of our team members, who also works as a Bridge to Moscow tour guide. If you are willing to make a donation, we will be glad to give you his contacts.  You can learn more about the Children's Hospital Fund.

Another reliable charity foundation is The fund with the name meaning "Help" focuses on target-oriented programs, raising funds to support those in need. Our contributions may save lives of kids, whose families are too poor to pay for the essential medical service.

There're a lot of charity foundations in Russia, but their websites are often in Russian only. If you're willing to donate to an orphanage, bring gifts to children without families or become a volunteer, do not hesitate to contact us. We can also provide you with an interpreter if you wish to be involved.

Charity tours

In  summer 2012 we started running charity tours. The mission of these tours are to support the Burns Center at Speransky Children's Hospital.
On June 30 Children Hospital Fund together with Bridge to Moscow project organized the first charity bike tour.

You can learn more about this charity bike tour and see some images. In the future we're planning to organize more tours to raise funds for the the Burns Center.

Watch video from one of our charity tours

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