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Dear Friends,

Burns are frequent and very dangerous type of trauma. As a result of social problems, alcoholism, poor housing maintenance and lack of prevention, about 500 000 Russian people are burned every year – ten times more than in the developed countries. 100 000 of severely burned people are hospitalized every year, among them 10 000 children.
Burns cause growth of deforming scars and contractures preventing the body from normal functioning. Modern methods of medical treatment help to save lives of patients with extensive burns. But many years after the trauma they have to undergo painful plastic surgeries and suffer from severe psychological trauma, especially in case of changed appearance and bereavement.  

Speransky Burns Center is the biggest and most advanced burns facility in Russia and the CIS. Every year it provides treatment to 1500 severely burned children. Charitable help to the Burns Unit started back in 1990-s by several foreign charitable organizations, among them – the US 'Project Hope' which managed to set up a really advanced burn program.

Children's Hospital Fund is a non-government charitable organization. It was set up in 2001 by leading specialists and Heads of Departments of Speransky Children's Hospital. Main goal of the Fund is to provide help to the Burns Unit. The charity raises funds and runs three programs: 1. Purchasing medical equipment and materials; 2. Providing psycho-social rehabilitation to burn victims at the hospital and after discharge (burned children's club and camp). The charity is also organizing regular medical staff exchange programs and facilitates introduction of most advanced methods of burn treatment.

Many well known Government organizations businesses and banks support Children's Hospital Fund, but there is still a great need to continue and develop its charitable programs. With your help we can save lives and health of many children suffering from burns.

Please contact us: +7-499-256-6444 (office); +7-916-117-3215;

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