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Yasnaya Polyana, the museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy

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The famous Russian writer Leo Tolstoy was born in Yasnaya Polana in 1828. Here  he spent about 60 years of his life, wrote many books including "War and Peace" and "Anna Karenina" and was buried in 1910.
Yasnay Polyana
Yasnay Polyana

Yasnaya Polana is a huge territory of parks, orchards and ponds. Walking along its quiet alleys you'll feel you're travelling back in time. The estate has preserved lots of authentic buildings and the house of the writer will tell you more about the writer's way of life, works and thinking.

A hundred years ago Yasnaya Polana was a mecca for Russian cultural people. And today it is still a very popular place for everyone interested in the heritage of Leo Tolstoy. The estate is located about 200 km outside of Moscow and the tour lasts full day. We also recommend you to visit Tolstoy's museum in Moscow during your Moscow tours.

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