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Altai is a corner of Russia that everyone should visit at least once. Endless views of steppes, abundant varieties of taiga thickets, silent splendor of snowy peaks, natural beauty of tundra – the diversity of landscapes here is vibrant! We invite you to learn why the Altai Republic is worth visiting.

How to get?

The nearest town to start your Altai adventure is Gorno-Altaysk. A direct flight from Moscow lasts 4-5 hours. In some cases, it might be a little cheaper to fly to Barnaul, however in this case; you’ll need to drive an additional 300 km.
If you’re traveling by train, you may opt for Biysk (100 km from Gorno Altaisk) or Novosibirsk (600 km).

When to go?

The warm season starts in May and ends in late September. Altai looks gorgeous in May when you can witness the rhododendron blooming. However, Mid July - September will be a safer time for traveling, as in late summer the risk of catching ticks is very low. Late summer will also be a very comfortable season for hiking. The weather in Autumn is less predictable as it might rain sometimes, however, the brights colors of mountain slopes will not leave anyone indifferent.
Altai discovery

Altai discovery
Tour duration:7 days
Tour date:This is a private tour, you may choose a convenient date
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