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Altai discovery

Explore Siberian Switzerland, escape from civilization and find harmony with yourself!

The tour highlights include:
  • Drive along Chuysky Trakt, which is  on the list of the top-10 most beautiful roads in the world
  • Explore this land to feel the pure splendor of nature: Snow-capped peaks, turbulent rivers, endless plains, clear lakes, and landscapes of incredible beauty...
  • Visit the sacred Karakol Valley where locals preserved their traditional lifestyle and beliefs
  • Unveil the mystery of ancient civilizations and discover rock drawings dating back to the Neolithic times
  • Get closer to the snowy picks and admire the mountainous landscape.

Day 1.  Welcome to Altai

Flight from Moscow to Gorno- Altaisk
9 am meeting with your the driver at the airport
After a 1,5 drive, you’ll get to a picturesque place by the Katun River. You’ll have a couple of hours to relax in your hotel, feel the energy of the turbulent river, and admire the surrounding landscape.
After lunch, your guide and driver will take you around the beautiful neighborhood. You’ll walk along the suspension bridge to the island of Patmos, have a walk (around 40 min) to the Chemal hydroelectric station, drive along the banks of the Katun with several stops to enjoy magnificent views of the river, cliffs, meadows, and waterfalls.
Returning back to the hotel

Day 2.  The adventure begins

After an early breakfast, you’ll start your journey along Chuisky Trakt which is Altai’s most famous road, and was recently nominated by National Geographic as one of the top ten most beautiful roads worldwide.

The highlight of the day will be the visit to the sacred Karakol Valley where locals preserved their traditional lifestyle and beliefs. You’ll get to know very friendly and sincere local people whose everyday life seems so simple and poetic. You’ll visit a local museum, discover ancient burial sites, as well as the rocks adorned with petroglyphs, take in picturesque sceneries, and have lunch in a traditional Altay family. As an option, you may witness a unique throat singing concert by the fire

After a 4-hour tour with several stops, you’ll continue the trip. The end of the day will be marked with a most scenic stop at the confluence of Chuya and Katun rivers.
You’ll have an overnight stop in Aktash at around 8 pm

Day 3. The Colors of Nature

This day you’ll discover the three most amazing sights.
You’ll admire the turquoise waters of The Geyser lake with moving patterns. As their form changes with the geyser, they can often be seen ‘dancing’ as they create new patterns in the lake.

While driving across the Kurai steppe we’ll stop to enjoy the panorama of snowy peaks.
After lunch, we’ll have a tour to see the colorful Rainbow Mountains known in Altai as the Mars of Altai. Their majestic colors are a result of different layers of colored clay which is abundant in the soil of this region and gives it a Mars-like appearance.

This day will be a combination of walking and driving with overall about 2-3 hours of walking
In the evening you’ll have a unique opportunity to stay in a traditional yurt and experience the life of the nomads
The yurt complex offers delicious local cuisine and a sauna


Day 4. The walk to admire the nature

This day is a chance to get closer to the snowy picks and admire the mountainous landscape.

The activity level may vary depending on whether you wish to have a 1-2 hour walk or a full day trekking to the glacier
In the evening you may either stay in the yurt complex or return back to a more ‘civilized’ world

Day 5. The mystery of ancient civilization

This day we’ll have a unique visit to Kalbak-Tash’. This is the museum under open skies with some 5,000 ancient rock drawings dating back to the Neolithic period. You’ll find paintings of bears, goats, wolves, dogs, cat predators, deer as well as some fantastic animals, solar signs, and the old calendar. Some drawings will provoke your imagination as they do resemble spaceships, people in spacesuits, “aliens” with an unusual body structure, fantastic animals.

In a few hours, you’ll drive off the main road to find yourself in a truly magnificent and quiet place by the river. This is a great place to taste delicious food, try fishing, or experience horse riding
You may spend your evening by the fire meditating and listening to the sounds of the river.

Day 6. Getting back

This day we will be getting back to the start of your trip. On the way, we’ll have several stops including the one on Chike-Taman pass lookout, which gives you a chance to enjoy the view and get some gifts at the souvenir market

After lunch, you’ll have time to experience optional rafting along Katun River. This 2-hour tour is ideal for amateurs who wish to have an adrenaline rush.
You’ll have a relaxing evening by the Katun River


Day 7. Flight back home

Transfer to the airport for the morning flight back to Moscow

Tour cost:  upon request

English-speaking guide
Transportation by mini-van along Chuysky highway and 4X4 UAZ vehicle
Excursions and entrance fees to the archeological sights
Accommodation with inside facilities. One night might be offered with facilities outside ( will be discussed)
Meals: Breakfast and dinner and 1 lunch

Medical insurance (we recommend that you have tick-borne encephalitis insurance or vaccination)
Some lunches

Optional activities:
Rafting or motor -rafting
Throat singing

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