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Colorful wonders of Kazan - 2 days

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Savor colors and flavors of the Tatar culture and discover the best of Kazan in two days!

Kul-Sharif Mosque
Kul-Sharif Mosque
 The tour highlights:
  • Visit the legendary Kul-Sharif Mosque.
  • Hear fascinating stories while walking through the Old Tatar settlement.
  • Enjoy the tea ceremony with traditional local sweets.
  • Learn how to cook traditional national delights - chack-chack or oichpochmak.
  • Discover the multi-colored Temple of Old Religions.
  • Explore the scenic Svyazhsk island, enjoying architecture, nature, and silence.
Kazan Kremlin
Kazan Kremlin

Day 1. Colors and flavors of Kazan

Meet your guide in the morning in the hotel lobby.
During the tour, you will visit the white-stone Kazan Kremlin with the newly-built mosque of Kul Sharif and Annunciation cathedral and see how two cultures, Tatar and Russian peacefully coexist.

Old Tatar settlement.
Old Tatar settlement.
Walk through the Tatar settlement to see brightly colored wooden houses, visit 17th-century mosques and learn about community life there. Your guide will share stories about the Tatar traditions, religion, moral values, and culinary delights.

Savor the tea ceremony with traditional sweets, try your hands in preparing the national delight: oichpochmak (pies with meat and potatoes) or gubadia (an incredibly tasty pie with an unusual filling, which can be sweet or savory) to bring home some recipes.

You can finish the tour in one of the Tatar restaurants to fully enjoy Tatar cuisine. Your guide will give you recommendations on what to taste.

Tour duration: 5 hours of the city tour + cooking master class

Day 2. A trip to Sviazhsk

Sviazhsk is a scenic island located 60 km from Kazan and surrounded by the waters of the Volga, Sviaga, and Schuka rivers. Built as a fortress on the top of the hill by the order of Ivan the Terrible to capture Kazan khanate in the 16th century Sviazhsk became a spiritual center in the tsars times.

Meet your guide and driver in the morning.

The Temple of Old Religions
The Temple of Old Religions
On your way to Sviazhsk, you'll stop to see a very curious temple. It is the Temple of All Religions. With stunning domes and intricate facades, the temple reflects the peaceful coexistence of several religions.

Upon arrival to Sviazhsk, you'll have time to walk around the island and enjoy the peaceful life of a village as well as see some stunning rural views of the Volga.

During your tour you'll stop to see the Trinity Church built without nails, visit the main cathedral and find some preserved original frescos,  where one says you can see the image of Ivan the Terrible while alive. Talking about the history of Sviazhsk over the times you'll also learn about the Soviet era. In Stalin's times, Sviazhsk was turned into a prison of GULAG system while in 1957 it became an island during the construction of a water reservoir.

Sviyazhsk is not only a religious or historic site. It is a lively place with cheerful, creative people. While walking around the island, you can visit a historical reconstruction center, experience (at extra cost) bow and arrow shooting, get gifts from the local craftsmen, or try historical costumes.

Tour duration: 6 hours

Tour cost:

Rub pp 9800  in the group of 4 people)/ 16300 Rub pp (in the group of 2 people)


Private English-speaking guide, driving services in Kazan, cooking master-class, tea ceremony on Day 1.


Airfare, medical insurance, meals, accommodation

Kul-Sharif Mosque
Kul-Sharif Mosque

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