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Colour and flavour of Tatar culture (on foot)

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This tour is a chance to get closely acquainted with Tatar culture, its traditions, religion, moral values and culinary delights. During the tour, you will walk through the Tatar settlement to see brightly colored wooden houses, visit  17th century mosques, and learn about community life there.
You will hear the stories about Tatar’s Pushkin, the most famous poet of Tatars – Abdula Tukay, and learn why the audience laugh three times in the national theatre when the joke is told.
Next to the theatre, you will see one of the Tatar mythological creatures Shurale, spirit of the forest who tickles his victims to death, and of course learn more about Tatar folklore and legends.

During the tour, you will enjoy the tea ceremony with traditional sweets, try your hands in preparing the national delight- chack-chack ( sweet dough) or oichpochmak ( pies with meat and potatoes) to bring home some recipes.
You can finish the tour in one of the Tatar restaurants to fully enjoy Tatar cuisine. Your guide will give you recommendations on what to taste.

Tour duration: 3-4 hours

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