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Day trip to Kolomna

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Kolomna is one of the oldest and the most picturesque towns of the Moscow area. It is situated 100 km away from Moscow. It is more than 800 years old and it has a lot of history. The Kremlin towers, churches, wooden houses with intricately carved window frames, and merchants’ mansions create the atmosphere of a typical Russian provincial town of the past.

Kolomna’s Marshmallow museum
Kolomna’s Marshmallow museum
After meeting with a guide at the hotel, you get to the train station to catch a commuter train (approximately 2 hours) to Kolomna. Upon arrival, you take the tram or a taxi to get to the center to explore the historic past.

Koloma City walk
Koloma City walk
You will walk around the territory of the Kremlin, built in the 16th century. There are two convents there,  one of which was founded by Ivan the Terrible himself. The spiritual center of the town is Cathedral Square with its beautiful view of the place where the Kolomenka river flows into the Moscow River.

Kolomna revives old traditions and opens unusual museums, among them is “The Museum of the forgotten taste – Kolomna’s Marshmallow”. In the past, Kolomna was famous for its delicious marshmallow produce.

Visiting Kolomna’s Marshmallow museum
Visiting Kolomna’s Marshmallow museum
Catherine the Great herself tasted this treat during her visit to Kolomna. In the course of time, the recipe got lost and only recently it has been found in the old archives. In this museum, you will try the forgotten taste of different kinds of marshmallows as well as learn some interesting information about this sweet.

Kolach bakery museum tour
Kolach bakery museum tour
Another appealing museum which revived an old recipe is “Kolach”. The kolach is a type of pastry that was widely popular in Russia in the past. The museum is actually a recreated bakery of the old style. During the tour you will hear the story of unusual ingredients and the process of making. In the end, we will enjoy a cup of tea with a freshly made kolach.

 At the end, the guide brings you to the train station and see you off for the return journey.

The center of Kolomna
The center of Kolomna
Tour duration: about 12 hours

A Day trip to Kolomna might be one of the options of your Moscow in 2-3 Day  or Moscow in 4-5 Day tour. For more details, please feel free to ask your Moscow tour guide.


Optional tour extensions:

Kolomna is an exciting family destination that can keep you busy for two or even more days.
Below you can find more fun ideas of what to do if you choose to stay overnight
  •  Marshmallow Factory.  As an alternative to the marshmallow museum, one might visit the factory where the sweet is produced. The local guide dressed in historical costumes explain the marshmallow manufacturing history and even act in a short performance for you.
    Adress: Polyanskaya 4
  •  Samovar Museum. After you have tried lots of sweets, it's time to do something different. Samovar museum is unique in many ways thanks to the local guide who will be eager to organize various games, competitions, dress up your kids in historical costumes and even let them climb on a traditional Russian stove
    Address: Posadskaya 11
  •   Grammophon museum. Visit the unique private collection of old gramophones. The tour also allows you to listen to unique sounds on various vintage objects and find first TVs with a water lens, radio gramophones of the 70s on thin legs, sewing machines, and typewriters.
    Address: Lazhechnikova 3A
  •  Communal flat Museum. This very atmospheric place recreates the atmosphere of a typical Soviet communal apartment where over 20 families lived in the past. Isn't it delightful to discover and touch old objects and even smell the famous Soviet perfume in the bathroom? In addition to an excursion, you can try a typical Soviet lunch. The museum also serves as an art-residence for young and creative artists and writers.
    Address: Octyabrskoy Revolutsii 205
  •  Blacksmith Museum. Curious to watch the process of forging a horseshoe live? Willing to know more about a popular craft in old Russia? In addition to an exciting tour, you can also book a master class and forge your horseshoe.
    Address:Grazhdanskaya 84

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