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Ghost Tour of Moscow

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During this tour you will discover the darker side of Moscow. You will see mysterious places and haunted mansions. You will learn about the lives of those moscovites who can't find peace even after their death. This tour reveals a different side of the city, which can be interesting for both sceptics and believers.
  • Why were the actors afraid to spend the night in the Pushkin Theatre?
  • What soviet politician regularly comes to his house in an invisible car?
  • What is the most haunted place of Moscow and why?
  • Where can you see the ghost of a woman who killed more than 100 girls with her own hands?
The answers to all these questions and much more you will find out during the Ghost Tour of Moscow!

Tour duration: 3-4 hours
Patriarch Ponds
Patriarch Ponds

The House of Savva Morozov
The House of Savva Morozov

Archangel Gabriel on the Menshikov Tower
Archangel Gabriel on the Menshikov Tower

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