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A trip to Gorki Leninskie

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What do you know about Lenin? How many pseudonyms did he have? How old he was when he died?

Gorki Leninskie
Gorki Leninskie

We invite you to go to Gorki Leninskie where Lenin spent the last years of his life. Located 30 km outside of Moscow Gorki Leninskie was a pre-revolutionary estate of Zinaida Morozov, widow of a famous Russian industrialist and theatre buff Savva Morozov.  The estate  preserved its Art- Nouveau charm of late 19th century.After Revolution it was nationalized and  chosen by Lenin as his residence after the assassination attempt by Fanya Kaplin.

 Soon after Lenin’s death, the estate was nationalized and turned into museum visited by thousands of Soviet citizens. The situation changed after the dissolution of Soviet Union.
 Nowadays this museum complex includes a few places of interest.

The Lenin House-museum is mansion which can boast of impressive interiors. There you will see some personal belongings of Lenin. Outside the mansion, there is a garage which keep the Lenin’s Rolls Royce which was converted to run on alcohol which was much easier to get during the years of Civil War.

Lenin's Rolls Royce
Lenin's Rolls Royce
Apart from that you might also visit Kremlin Lenin’s Office and apartment. All the furniture and all the belongings were moved here from the Kremlin Senate building in 1994. You might feel the atmosphere of those days, see the impressive library and private rooms of Vladimir Lenin and Nadezhda Krupskaya.

Kremlin Lenin's Office and apartment
Kremlin Lenin's Office and apartment
Another impressive  building erected in 1987  at the dawn of  Soviet  Union is the museum of Political history. Being  as a pantheon to Lenin’s ideas it includes numerous documents and photographs  as well as audio-visual installations which used to be cutting edge in late 80s.

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