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Gzhel is a style of Russian ceramics which originates from the village of Gzhel not far from Moscow.  This area has long been famous for its clays. Since the  XIV century the Gzhel and some 30 villages in the neighbohood have become the centre of Russian ceramic production.

In the distant past  Gzhel drawings were colored. Local masters  painted clay household items: plates, dinner sets, mugs, jugs, toys, etc. Today the pottery feature distinctive blue designs on white background. This style of paintings was borrowed from the Dutch. White-and-blue paintings appear in an unusual way: At first the object is painted with cobalt oxide which is black. Then it covered with white glaze and placed in the oven. After heating the glaze becomes transparent and cobalt acquires sky-blue color.

Gzhel ceramics is always hand-made! Artist paint every plate or vase with a brush, making each object an individual piece of art. Many Russian people today collect Gzhel, decorating their houses with   cups and plates, pitchers and samovars, clocks, teapots and funny figurines. During your Moscow tours you'll be able to see beautiful examples of Gzhel ceramic production.

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