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Kremlin quest-tour

Dear friends,
We invite you to have a historic walk through centuries, to learn some fascinating  stories and legends about the Kremlin and  to solve the riddle. During the quest-tour you will learn who lived on the Kremlin grounds long time ago and who lives nowadays, you will meet the historic figures –John Kennedy  and Nikita Khruschev, Ivan the Terrible and Henry the VIII, you will find out why the Tsar bell never rang and the Tsar cannon never fired. Your group or family will be accompanied by the licensed guide who will help to answer questions where it is needed. The answers  are the keys to the riddle.

This quest is designed for those who can read, write and count well. It also teaches  to read maps and navigate in the area. During the whole quest-tour  the guide will be near to facilitate, to show directions, to give hints if it is necessary.

* Example: The King of England was named after the saint who is the saint patron of both England and Moscow. Find this Patron Saint on one of the domes of the triangle building. Be careful as you might not be able to walk everywhere.
Age groups: Kids from 7-12 year old;
Teens from 13-15 year old;
Quest duration: 2-2,5 hours
Meeting place: At Kutafia tower
The cost of the quest:  depends on the number of participants

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