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Moscow by metro

Metro is the cheapest and fastest transport in Moscow. It's open from 5.30 am to 1 am.

 It has no zones, you pay only once to get inside the metro. Each metro station has a ticket office, in Russian, it's written "KACCA"

There are two types of tickets: Troika and United cards.
Troika card (Тройка)

Troika card is a universal data storage device that can record any kind of ticket from the valid list of ticketing options or be used to pay for a ride on Moscow metro with the "Wallet ticket". The card itself costs 50 rubles (this amount is refunded in cash once you return the card to the ticket office). One Metro ride using this card will cost 38 rub. You need to top up the balance in order to use it (the maximum amount is 3000 rub). The money is stored on the card for 5 years since the last replenishment.

The card can be also used to pay for the rides in the public transport of Moscow, in suburban trains, "Aeroexpress" trains, or to pay the entrance to the Moscow Zoo, Planetarium, and Tretyakov gallery.

United card (Единый) 

United card allows you to make trips to the subway, monorail, bus, trolleybus or tram. One trip on the ticket is equal to one pass on any type of transport. The ticket is valid throughout Moscow. Ticket for one ride costs 55 rub, ticket for two rides costs 110 rub. The validity period of the “Single” ticket for 1-2 trips is 5 days, including the day of sale. 

The easiest way to learn how the metro works is to go there with your Moscow tour guide. (Metro tour is included in our package tours). But you can also take metro on your own, and you don't need to be very brave!

Here you can find the map of Moscow metro. This map has English and Russian names of the stations. It's very important to keep this version because in Moscow many signs (including the station names) are in Cyrillic. If you get used to these signs it'll be easy to use the metro.

Let's take an example. Suppose a couple lives in the National hotel. They want to get to Arbat street by the metro. The hotel is near OKHOTNY RYAD metro station. They need to get to SMOLENSKAYA metro station dark blue line. (This is the nearest station to Arbat street)  We're going to follow them on their way. Let's take a look at the fragment of the Moscow metro map below: 

1. It's easy to recognize the metro in Moscow. It's marked with the Latin letter M.

2. They start at OKHOTNY RYAD (ОХОТНЫЙ РЯД) station (red line) and go to SMOLENSKAYA  (СМОЛЕНСКАЯ) station (dark blue line). They need to go down 1 stop to BIBLIOTEKA IM. LENINA  (БИБЛИОТЕКА ИМ. ЛЕНИНА), change to dark blue line to ARBATSKAYA (АРБАТСКАЯ). Then they follow dark blue line to SMOLENSKAYA (СМОЛЕНСКАЯ)  station.

3. They follow down the escalator.  At the platform in the middle of the hall they find a sign:

The station  BIBLIOTEKA IM. LENINA  (БИБЛИОТЕКА ИМ. ЛЕНИНА) is listed on the right (first word on top)– track 1 . They take a train on the right and get off at the next station.

4. At BIBLIOTEKA IM. LENINA  (БИБЛИОТЕКА ИМ. ЛЕНИНА) they need to change to dark blue line. There's a sign in the middle of the platform

They follow the arrow to the left dark blue line (number 3).

5. At the station ARBATSKAYA (АРБАТСКАЯ) they need to find the right track.
The sign helps them.

The station SMOLENSKAYA (СМОЛЕНСКАЯ) is listed on the right (first word on top).
The travelers take the train on the right and get off at the first station.

6 At  SMOLENSKAYA (СМОЛЕНСКАЯ) they find the sign 'exit to the city' and follow the arrow.

7. The escalator takes them outside where they meet their friend.

If you get used to these signs it'll be very easy for you to use the metro. You don't even need your Moscow travel guide to get around the city. The colours help you a lot to find your way. When you're inside the train you normally don't see names of stations (however in the new trains they have special buttons with lights showing what station is next).
Sometimes there's not only one exit to the city (ВЫХОД В ГОРОД). It'll be more complicated to decide which one is what you need but in any case these exits are not far from each other.

Moscow metro is safe and clean! It's a unique architectural ensemble and the stations are stunning halls decorated with statues, paintings, mosaics and huge chandeliers. 
Your Moscow tour guide will be happy to show you the beautiful metro stations during your tour.

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