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Moscow City panoramic platform

We invite you to take part in an unforgettable adventure and see Moscow bird's-eye view from the highest observation deck in Europe on the 89th floor.


Moscow-City is complex of modern high rise buildings located just 4 km from the Kremlin. Like other famous world analogs such as Burj Khalifa, Empire State Building, Taipei 101, and Rockefeller center the new Moscow business center offers a tour to the top of one of its towers. 
Panorama 360 is located on the 89th floor of the Federation tower of Moscow City Complex. This is a great place to take in a fantastic panoramicс view of the metropolis. You will see major Moscow attractions such as the Academy of Sciences, Moscow State University, Christ the Savior Cathedral, the White House, Ostankino TV Tower, and many others. 

In addition to the great view, the complex offers everyone to try ice cream directly from the conveyor. Unlimited ice cream tasting is included in the ticket price. It is good to know that panorama 360 might be very crowded on weekends or public holidays. It is better to avoid most busy hours and plan your visit early in the morning. 


Such a visit can be included in any of your Moscow tours however we'd recommend you not visiting panorama 360 when you are in a hurry. You might have to stay in line if too many visitors arrived and the view on the top deserves at least 40 min or even longer to enjoy the place.

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