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Once a top secret town Star City today is more open and welcomes visitors interested in space travel. Since 1960s Star city has been a training centre for the Russian Cosmonauts, it was here where Yury Gagarin, German Titov, Valentina Tereshkova prepared for their historic flights. Many Russian Cosmonauts live in Star city today with their families and get trained. The town is not far from Moscow, it is located  25 km to the east, you can get their by car or by train.



The tour to Star City will give you a chance to learn the history of the Russian space program and about many famous people who lived and worked here. How cosmonauts are selected? What equipment is used to prepare a cosmonaut for space journey? What is the most dangerous thing in the space?  How do cosmonauts sleep? Why do they do muscle work and run on the treadmill in the space? How to become a space tourist? You can find answers to these questions  and others on your Star City tour.

Soyuz spaceship
Soyuz spaceship
You can have a shorter and a longer itinerary of Star City
Option 1 The shorter itinerary includes the halls with the Russian spacecraft "Soyuz", “MIR” space station, the model of ISS (International Space Station) which operates in the Space nowadays. All models are observed from the outside. At the end of your tour you can take a picture of the monument to Yuri Gagarin. It is a tradition that all residents of the town come here to say good-bye to cosmonauts before they fly.
This tour lasts about 6-7 hours (about 2-3 hours in Star City)
Pick-up and drop off at your hotel is provided.
Big Centrifuge
Big Centrifuge
Option 2 The tour comprises of all objects mentioned in Option 1. In addition we may include a tour of the hall with a gigantic centrifuge designed to simulate G-force. A very interesting part of the tour will be a walk around the living area of Russian cosmonauts accompanied by stories of their everyday life as well as a lunch in a local “Cosmos”  cafe. The extended itinerary lasts around 8-9 hours ( about 4 hours in Star City)
Pick-up and drop off at your hotel is provided.

MIR Space  Station
MIR Space Station
Upon request we may also include you a visit inside spacecraft "Soyuz" and/or “MIR” space station. If you are willing to become a space tourist, you can take centrifuge training and experience G-force. We might also offer you to take the Hydro-laboratory  training (a huge swimming pool with a ISS model) where space conditions are imitated. These opportunities have to be agreed well in advance and charged extra.

The visit to Star city has  to be booked in advance, since we need to send your passport details at least 45 working days prior the tour.


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