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Have you ever thought what might be in common among Bulgaria, Kabardino-Balkaria and the Volga Bulgaria( modern Bulgar)? People inhabiting these three different regions of Eastern Europe, Caucuses, Upper Volga area have the same roots and ancestors. We invite you to trace this link and learn about  Volga Bulgaria , its capital Bolgar, and people populating these lands, their traditions and beliefs. Modern tatars living on the territory of Tatarstan quite often refer themselves to this ancient people of Turkic origin.
During the tour you will see the  territory of ancient Bolgar with its mosques and mausoleums, visit the newly-built Architectural and Historic museum. This tour can also include the museum of bread. It is huge complex dedicated to the bread making, its old traditions, the  whole process from the grain to the old type of bread known in this region.
In 2014 the Bolgar  was enlisted in the UNESCO heritage list. As a result it became a sort of spiritual center for Muslim population of Tatarstan with a newly built magnificent White mosque which can not be skipped.

Tour duration: 9-10 hours
* During the navigation season this tour can be made by a speed boat (2h30min one way)

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