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Family Photography workshop: Life before Instagram


Do you know how our great-grandparents were photographed when there were no digital cameras and smartphones yet? And how did great painters back in Renaissance actually use photographic techniques to produce their masterpieces?
We invite you to a family workshop “Life before Instagram. What photography looked like 100 years ago”!

We will be offering you a chance to feel the real difference between taking pictures today and 100 years ago during the workshop. You will see how large-format cameras work and what features made them useful up to the end of the 20th century. We will show what is actually happening in the dark room and tell you many fascinating facts from the history of photography,science, and art.

And of course we will take pictures and you will be able to see and experience why people in old pictures look so gloomy.
Don’t forget to stay still right up to the moment the photographer makes all preparations ready for a shot. The development in the dark room is the most exciting part. We encourage you to participate and watch a white paper turning into a real photograph. That’s when the magic and strange things might happen. Who knows what else can come out in the picture.
Finally, our photographer will make you old fashioned portraits which might be worth of being in your family album or being framed. 

Workshop cost:
Adults - 2500 rubles
Children 7-16 years old - 1500 rubles 
Children under 6 with adult - free
Meeting time: 11.00
Meeting place: TBA
Duration: 2 hours
Number of people for the workshop: minimum 5 (not counting children under 6 yo), maximum- 10 pax

SHIPR studio

SHIPR is an old-school, mobile instant photography studio. We work with large-format cameras, and we develop our photographs on the spot in a portable laboratory. Our authentic historical technology was completely forgotten after the early twentieth century, when it was in widespread use among street photographers. This technology is all about simultaneously creating unique photos and a unique experience. In addition to receiving their one-of-a-kind physical pictures as a memory of the place and time in which they were taken, your guests will get a feeling for what photography looked like 100 years ago.

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