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Mosque and synagogue tour


Over the last decade Moscow became the melting pot where various cultural and religious traditions can be found in blend and coexistence. Despite the dominant Orthodox church, you can find the traces of other religious confessions  in the city.

Moscow Cathedral Mosque
Moscow Cathedral Mosque
We invite you to talk about Islam and Judaism, to visit the most beautiful mosque and synagogue in Moscow, get to know more about the roots and traditions of Jewish and Islamic communities in Russia.
Our first part of the tour will bring you to the second largest mosque in Russia. We'll wander around its magnificent halls, and learn about the religious practice of Muslims in Russia.
Moscow Cathedral Mosque interior
Moscow Cathedral Mosque interior
During the tour of the mosque we’ll have a chance to get to a panoramic platform to come to the level of its beautiful golden dome. The walk on the top is optional since you may only reach the area by foot.
Moscow Choral Synagogue
Moscow Choral Synagogue
We continue our tour in the center of Moscow, close to the area where the Jews used to live in the past. We’ll visit the Choral Synagogue that recently celebrated its 100 year anniversary. It is a very impressive building, constructed by a renowned Moscow architect Roman Klein. Surprisingly, this synagogue was the only one that continued to operate throughout the Soviet years.

Choral Synagogue interior
Choral Synagogue interior
When did the first Jews come to Russia? Why did they live in the pale of settlement? What was the life of the Jews during the Soviet times? Join the tour, and find the answers to these and many other questions!
Tour duration: about 3 hours
Tour cost:  1900 RUB per person
Meeting time: 9:40 am

Please be aware that to book the tour you need to sign up in advance!

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