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Perestroika and beyond. Russia through the years of changes


The tour is focused on the history of Russia of the last 30 years. We’ll visit the museum of Contemporary history where we have a talk about transformations which Russia has experienced over the last 30 years.

 What reforms is Gorbachev famous for? What were the reasons of the collapse of the USSR and what happened after? How do the Russians perceive Perestroika and Yeltsin´s times now? How did Putin come to power?

The first part of the tour takes place in the Museum of Contemporary History of Russia. We’ll trace the stages of Gorbachev reforms, talk about major events that happened in Russia  during the last 30 years, and learn how the Russians lived through the time of changes.

The tour features not only an official version of the Russian history but also a personal perspective of your guide which might be different from yours.  After the museum visit your guide Lana Maksimova will take you to a café where she will talk about Russian history through her personal life story. It will be a good chance to ask questions and have a dialogue to share opinions.

Please be aware that you need to sign up for the tour in advance

Tour duration: 2,5- 3 hours
Tour cost:  1800 RUB
Additional expenses: The cost doesn't iclude tea or coffee inside a cafe
Meeting time: 11 am
Tour covers: The museum of Contemporary History, lecture in a cafe
Guide:  Lana Maksimova

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