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Secret Soviet Bunker 703 Tour


How many Bunkers do you think exist in Moscow? Are all of them declassified yet? What were they supposed to be built for? Did they serve to protect people in case of nuclear attack, or may be to save something else?

We offer you to join us on our tour to the Secret Soviet Bunker, which was recently declassified, and turned into museum space. It is still untouched with fresh paint and renovation, but left as it used to be which makes the visit quite UNIQUE.
The Bunker was built at a depth of 50 meters just 1 year before the Cuban missile crisis. It served as a depository of the top secret documents until January 2005. During the tour, you will see an active 10 ton door that would have protected the bunker against the shock wave of nuclear strike, as well as many hermetic doors that separate parts of the object.
It is the only place in the city where you can look into the real deep mine of the Stalinist times, launch a siren of a nuclear attack alert with your own hands, or stroll along the same cast-iron tunnel, like the one where the trains of the Circular line of Moscow metro ride.
Do not miss your chance to see what has been hidden from the Muscovites’ eyes for many years, and reveal the secrets the Bunker!
The tour is strongly not recommended for pregnant women, people with walking problems and claustrophobia. Please note that you will need to go downstairs (50 m) and back without a lift!

Tour duration: 1,5 hours
Tour cost: 3200 RUB 
Meeting time: 10.30 am
Meeting place: TBA

Prepayment before September 15

Please be aware that to book the tour you need to sign up in advance

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