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Most of experienced travelers do not find anything exciting about subways. But have you heard of Moscow metro?

Mayakovskaya station
Mayakovskaya station

This tour will open your eyes to the magnificent world underground. You'll see marble halls lit with chandeliers, glittering stained glass windows, paintings, mosaics and statues.  Moscow metro keeps lots of secrets. Why do Muscovites never pass a bronze dog without rubbing its nose? What happened in Mayakovskaya station during WWII? Where is Metro II, the secret metro system constructed specially for the Soviet government?

A real highlight of the tour is the visit to Stalin's bunker. The secret bunker was constructed in the 30s to be the command center of the Supreme commander-in-chief of Red Army Stalin. It was connected to the Kremlin with a 17 km underground road.   The visit to the bunker will enrich your Moscow tours with truly unusual experience.

The tour of Moscow underground can be extended. We suggest having a lunch in "Metro" restaurant (unusual restaurant stylised as a carriage of a metro train) and going to visit Stalin's bunker .

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Mayakovskaya station. Stained glass
Mayakovskaya station. Stained glass
Komsomolskaya metro station
Komsomolskaya metro station
Soviet bunker
Soviet bunker

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