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Cosmonaut - /kos-mo-navt/ - astronaut

The Russian word ‘cosmonaut’ has a Greek origin. 'Kosmos’ ('the world' in Ancient Greek) stands for "outer space", 'nautes'  means 'sailor'. Thus ‘cosmonaut’ is a 'space sailor'.   
The word ‘cosmonaut’ was first mentioned in  literature in 1950 (The science fiction novel “The new Planet” by Victor Saparin).
 The first man to travel into space was Yury Gagarin. The memorable flight happened on April 12 in 1961. Onboard Vostok Gagarin orbited around the Earth in 108 minutes. The first woman cosmaunat was Valentina Tershkova.
If you’re interested in Space exploration we recommend you to visit the Space museum with youк Moscow tour guide.

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