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Город - /gorad/ - city

The Russian word 'gorod' is very easy to remember. Several Russian cities contain this word in their names. A good example is 'Novgorod'. Literally it means 'New City'. Metro station in Moscow (and also a city district) is called 'Kitay gorod' which  means 'China town'. (However this area is in no way connected with China or Chinese, the word 'Kitay' most probably  meant 'middle').
In older times Russian word for 'town'  sounded as 'grad'. Thus Petrograd (The name of St Petersburg during 1914-1924) means 'the town of Peter' and Volgograd is 'the town on the Volga'. It's useful to remember how we write 'город' when you're travelling by metro. A sign 'ВЫХОД в ГОРОД' means 'exit to the city'
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