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Moscow tours for kids

We offer tours and activities that will be both fun and educational for the whole family. You may visit numerous iconic Moscow sights such as Red Square, Kremlin, Space museum and many others with a guide who knows how to interact with the little ones. The tours may be adapted to kids of various ages.  In Moscow you can find master-classes such as Russian doll painting, pottery or baking traditional bread. We offer outdoor activities including husky Dog-sledging or Gorky park skating.


Kremlin of Moscow
Kremlin is not only a unique open-air museum but also a fun place to go with your child. You’ll learn lots of interesting facts about medieval Russian fortress, walk around its gardens, and visit its ancient churches.
Why did tsar bell never ring? How big is the biggest cannon in the world? What birds live in the Kremlin and why all other birds are scared to come? Who are the only people who live in the Kremlin now? The tour will help you to unravel the mysteries of an ancient fortress.
 Tour duration: 1,5 hours
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 The Armoury tour might appear a highlight for the whole family. Girls will definitely appreciate the unique collection of royal dresses and carriages while boys will probably be more excited to see suits of amour, cold and fire arms from different countries.
What is the best outfit to go for a ball? What a warrior should put on to get ready for a fight?
At the end of the tour your kids will learn more about the everyday life of  tsars and tsarinas of the past.
Tour duration: 1,5 hours
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Boyars Romanovs Chambers.
Did you know that boys and girls of the past were living in separate parts of the house? What age did the children start their education? What was the usual occupation of their mothers?
The museum is devoted to the boyars’ lifestyle of the 16th-17th centuries, which is also the époque of Ivan the Terrible and the first tsar of the Romanov. The tour will feature unique interiors as well as authentic household goods from the past.
 Tour duration: 1 hour
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The Palace of Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich in Kolomenskoye
Did you know what meals were served to a tsar? How many hours did a royal feast last? What time did a tsar wake up in the morning? Why was his bed  so short?
The tour will give you a chance to explore fabulous interiors of the palace as well as visit some private royal rooms such as bedroom or bath house. This tour is usually included in the tour of Kolomenskoye estate. 
Tour duration: 1- 1,5 hours
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 Kolomenskoye estate
If you think of visiting the palace of Tsar Alexij Mikhailovich you should definitely spend time in Kolomenskoye royal estate. It boasts of charming gardens with great views on Moscow River, unique old churches and several interesting museums. Kolomeskye is a great place in all seasons. Summer time is best for walking or having a picnic while winter offers us such fun activities as sledging or troika rides. The sights not to be missed are the cottage of Peter the Great, the Church of the Ascension and the palace of Tsar Alexij Mikhailovich
Tour duration: About 2 hours
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Jewish museum and the center of tolerance
This will be not an ordinary excursion. Interactive media technologies will give you a chance to literally touch history. During the tour you’ll be able to feel wind and splashing water of the Great Flood, experience everyday life in shtetl, find yourself dressed as a 19th century rabbi, watch archival video footage from the time of the World War II.
The tour will be interesting  not only to adults but also to children of different age groups.
Tour duration: 1,5 - 2 hours
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Space museum tour
Most children are interested in space travel.  The museum traces the history of space exploration: the first satellite (in Russian “Sputnik”) launched in 1957, the first dogs in space, the first human flights, first spacewalk, missions to Moon, Mars and Venus. During the tour you’ll be able to see different types of spacesuits, explore the life-size model of the MIR space station, get inside Soyuz spaceship, learn about the food cosmonauts  eat in outer space.
Tour duration: 1,5  hours
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Chocolate factory tour
Would you like to have an exciting journey to the world of chocolate? During the museum tour you’ll learn about the origins of chocolate and how it later came to Russia. The most interesting part of the tour is the factory visit. Dressed up in protective clothing you will visit the production line where you can see the melted chocolate mass turning into chocolate bars. You can taste as many chocolate bars as you can right from the conveyer belt. At the end of the tour  a sweet gift will be given. 
 Children under 8 years old are not allowed for this tour

 Dog-sledging in the Moscow countryside
 Winter offers us a unique opportunity to spend a day in the Russian countryside in the company of Siberian husky. This tour will give you a chance to experience dog-sledging, visit the kennel and make friends with cute little puppies. The ideal finish of the day will be a hot tea with traditional Russian pies.
The tour takes place in the Moscow countryside and lasts about 7 hours.
Tour duration: About 7  hours
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Kolomna tour
Kolomna is not only an old and picturesque town but also a great destination to go with your children. One of the highlights of the tour is  “The Museum of the forgotten taste – Kolomna’s Marshmallow”. Here you will try the forgotten taste of different kinds of Kolomna marshmallow as well as learn some interesting facts about this sweet. Another appealing museum  called “Kolach” is a recreated bakery of the old style. During the tour you will hear the story of unusual ingredients of this pastry and finish the tour with a cup of tea with a freshly made kolach. Tour duration: About 12  hours
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A tour to Suzdal.
This town is like a museum under the open sky, its medieval monuments can tell you its old story.  This place is very quiet and picturesque. Gazing at its blue river, a wooden house, green meadows you may feel that time has stopped here.
To make your kids more involved we can offer some master classes  such as matryoshka doll painting  or pottery
It takes about 4 hours to get from Moscow to Suzdal so it might be rather tiring to do a 1-day trip to Suzdal for your kids.
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