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Moscow McDonalds

Moscow McDonalds
It happened about 20 years ago. In 1988 McDonalds got a permission from the Communist party to start the business on the territory of the Soviet Union. Two years later the first restaurant opened its doors in Moscow on Pushkinskaya square.  At dawn on 31 January 1990 more than 5 thousand people came to be the first at its opening. That day Moscow McDonald's set a world record: it served more than 30 thousand visitors. People stood in line for over 6 hours, willing to get a taste of this unusual food. At that time it was the first fast food place in the whole country.
McDonald's on Pushkinsklaya square is huge. It had more then 700 seets inside and 200 outside. It was once the largest McDonald's in the world. It soon became one of the Moscow attractions. People made a date there; it was included in Moscow sightseeing tours as a "must-see" place
But nowadays it doesn't surprise us anymore. And during your Moscow tours your guide will show you much nicer places to dine.
This video can give you some ideas of the first McDonald's rush in Moscow

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